Problem ID: 2965008966639138828
Entered by: Ben Simo

Sorry the seats you selected are no longer available

@Batelco: Avoid the weekend rush at the cinema, book your cinema tickets online! Exclusively by #Batelco. Log on to http://bit.ly/qYBYXE #Bahrain

@Batelco: Tired of waiting in line to get your ticket? Now, exclusively with #Batelco, book your cinema tickets online! http://bit.ly/qYBYXE #Bahrain

@Batelco: Booking cinema tickets has never been easy. NOW! Exclusively from #Batelco, book you cinema tickets online! http://bit.ly/qYBYXE #Bahrain

@iScrat: @Batelco dear we still can't book online cinema tickets. Please ask the concerned department for assistance. Thanks.

@jayban: Stupid Batelco! Spent so much time trying to book cinema tickets online & says each seat I pick is unavailable when in reality so many are.

@Batelco: Tired of waiting in line to buy your cinema ticket? Now exclusively with #Batelco, book your tickets online! bit.ly/qYBYXE #Bahrain

#Bahrain @Batelco's O Cinema Portal crash. Tickets cannot be booked. Site keeps showing "error message"

@M_AlGaoud: @Batelco it's not working for City Centre cinema.

@iScrat: @Batelco dear we can't book through the website it says seats are not available.Tried for different movies with different timings still same



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