Problem ID: 8592418431055701492
Entered by: Ben Simo

The Sting of Bing

A few days ago, the Bing team released a new feature -- "a little something special". The background image on Bing was animated. At first, I thought "Cool".

Then the animation got choppy, and my computer got slow.

The animation appeared to be consuming CPU. Both CPU cores were pegged at 100%. Seventy-five percent of the CPU usage was the Chrome process in which Bing was displayed. I close the browser tab and the CPU usage drops and the computer becomes responsive again.

I tried Firefox and Internet Explorer. The same problem occurred. Merely opening the Bing.com home page caused the browser to use up all available CPU, and the computer slowed.

For example, the following shows the CPU usage by Firefox while the animated Bing page was displayed: 60-some percent. This is on a dual core 32-bit system with Windows XP.

When I changed the image to one that is not animated, the CPU usage dropped.

On further investigation, I discover that the CPU usage by the Bing image animation is much smaller on a dual core 64-bit Windows 7 system - yet, a still very noticeable 10 to 25% of the two cores.

Gobbling up CPU and slowing down the client computer are not things I expect from an Internet search engine. It seems a shame for something that is not core functionality to destroy system performance.



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