Problem ID: 3586082296446464313
Entered by: Ben Simo

Sorry, you may not install other browsers

I have a new computer. One of the first things I do once I get it set up enough to connect to the Internet, is attempt to install a browser other than Internet Explorer.

I start with Chrome.

That's not good. The installer failed. I try again and get the same error. However, on the second attempt it doesn't show me the Chrome terms of use. I click the "Show me help for this issue." link.

Cool! Google has no information about the error.

However, Internet Explorer reports an error viewing this web page telling me there is no information on the error.

Nice. Null is null. Anyway, I'm getting distracted. So I go try another browser.

This time I try Firefox.

That doesn't work either.

To make a long story short, I discovered that I had to turn Internet Explorer's "Protected Mode" off and restart the browser. Even then, I could download and install Firefox but not Chrome. I then had to download Chrome using Firefox instead of Internet Explorer.

Does "Protection Mode" refer to protecting me from all browsers that aren't from Microsoft? ;)



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