Problem ID: 3820019723195940368
Entered by: Ben Simo

What's Eating Gilbert Grape?

Wanting to know what's playing at local movie theaters tonight, I search Google for "gilbert movie theaters".

The results include showtimes for a local theater here in Gilbert, Arizona. They also include "Places" results for nearby Tempe, Arizona. (Google has incorrectly auto-detected that I am in Tempe.)

I click the top link for results at the local, Gilbert, theater.

And what do I get?

Instead of a list of movies and showtimes at the local theater, Google proclaims "No showtimes were found for What's Eating Gilbert Grape? on Aug 20."

It has changed my location from Tempe to Gilbert. However, it appears to have also carried my original search term into a search engine that expects movie titles.



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