Problem ID: 2464162887293677895
Entered by: Ben Simo


ActiveSync is failing to successfully synchronize my Windows Mobile phone with my computer more often than it works. Thinking something might have gotten corrupted on the computer, I try to reinstall ActiveSync.

The install encounters an Internal Error. Error 2356, to be exact. I have no idea what this means. I click the OK button.

Oh, a fatal error. Who, or what, died as a result of this error?

Later after a system reboot and reinstall, I connect my phone. My computer seems to hang; then eventually displays a new error dialog. This time it wasn't an internal error. This time the problem occurred on the desktop. What desktop? My computer's desktop? Does it detect that my notebook computer is sitting on a desktop? ;-)

This time I get a support code number instead of an error number. I open up my browser and search the Internet and Microsoft support for more information. Numerous reasons for this error are listed.

Synchronization Error 85010014

ActiveSync reports a Synchronization Error code 85010014 because of one of the following reasons:

  • Synchronization Fails because Application Data Folder is Redirected
  • Synchronization Fails because Outlook is in Offline Mode
  • Synchronization Fails because of Outlook script blocking
  • Synchronization Fails because ActiveSync is incorrectly registered with Outlook

No information is given to help resolve the issue. So I click OK, kill the ActiveSync processes, and reconnect my phone.

This time it says it is synchronizing but just hangs with no status updates.

Eventually, I get an error dialog -- showing my favorite support code.

I click the OK button even though I am far from okay with this experience.  I get a new error message -- this time stating that the just-in-time debugger failed because the debugger is not enabled.  I don't think I even have Visual Studio installed on this computer.

Check the documentation?  What documentation?

Maybe I should check the sales documentation for other Phone/PDA options...



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