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Entered by: Ben Simo

A Year 2.01k Bug

"German shoppers hit by a "Year 2010" computer bug that bit 30 million bank cards fell back this week on a popular and proven means of payment -- cash."


Some 30 million German bank cards hit by 2010 bug: banks
The problem that hit cardholders trying to use cash machines or make payments throughout Germany and abroad stems from computer chips unable to recognise the year 2010

Commerzbank To Provide Free Credit Cards To Clients Hit By Bug
Wall Street Journal
A total of 30 million German cash and credit cards, or about 30% of all cards issued, haven't been able to use ATMs or point-of-sale terminals in Germany or abroad since the New Year due to a software bug linked to problems processing the date 2010.

Gemalto Offers Fix for German Payment Card Date Bug
Smart card vendor Gemalto said Wednesday it is distributing a software fix to banks for a programming glitch that caused millions of German payment cards to stop working.



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