Problem ID: 4887415548469850039
Entered by: Ben Simo

Certain information

I try to reset the password for a local Windows Server account and get the following warning dialog.

It warns that resetting the password might cause IRREVERSIBLE LOSS of "certain information". If the information that will be lost is certain, why doesn't this warning tell me what information will be lost and what won't be lost?

And what is this stuff about a disk? Who creates password reset disks for every user of a server? I haven't. Should I?

Wanting additional information, I click the Help button. This opens a local help document that explains what data will no longer be acceptable.  However, even this refers to "some types of information" and gives an "including" list. It doesn't give a full inclusive list. Or if this list is inclusive, that isn't clear from the help document.

If you are going to tell me that my actions might cause damage to "certain information", please have the courtesy to give me sufficient details to make an informed decision.



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