Problem ID: 1411509827325694367
Entered by: Ben Simo


In one of my many unsuccessful attempts to login to the Verizon Wireless website to pay my bill, I notice that the Unprecedented Demand error page contains a "Pay My Bill" link.

I click the 'Pay My Bill' link. It takes me to what appears to be an alternate online bill payment system. It asks me for information about my account and identity. It then collects payment information. I submit a payment. I get a "Verified By Visa" window. I select the option to bypass "Verified By Visa" -- as I do when using the normal online payment system. The following pops up:

I already authorized payment. I entered valid information. My credit card is valid and has funds available.

I see no "Accept" or "Decline" options. I also see no scroll bars.  When the page last refreshed, it took the scroll bars off my browser window.

How am I expected to accept or decline when I can't see the buttons I have to press to do either. An automated GUI test could click those buttons without seeing them, but us human users can't click what we don't see -- at least not without bringing up development tools.

I can't login to my account. It appears that my valid credit card isn't being accepted, but there's no specific statement (that I can see) stating that the payment wasn't processed the first time I pressed the "Accept" button. And now I can't scroll to see the rest of this page.

I wanted to pay my bill, not test a website.



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