Problem ID: 4436397726595176996
Entered by: Zachary Fisher

Pandora's Box needs to be closed; Please re-open

Listening to tunes on Pandora while posting a blog. Hey! That song is nice! I want more like that! Let me measure my acceptance by clicking on the thumbs-up icon I've used every other time. And the song's still playing...perfect. I have time to vote on it while it is active. Here we go...um...wait. What's this:

Okay. So did my vote count? Did you get it, Pandora? Am I going to suffer the aural-warblings of some emo kids before I get to the songs that I like? And why is my copy out of date? I didn't do anything except let it play it the background. And on top of it, I recall hearing some songs I really liked 3 songs back. Will I be able to the see my play history after I take your prescribed advice to reload?

Nope. Great. Now that indie-artist, the one who REALLY needs the money in this economy, has just lost a potential sale. But at least MY Pandora is up to date. I'll take respite in Allison Krauss and Union Station ( whose music I really do like ).



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