Problem ID: 4306764784009290967
Entered by: Ben Simo

I got 99 slices, but one ain't done


99 slices of pizza seems to be the limit.

I wanted 101 slices of everything pizza.

It says I can choose as many toppings as I like. How do they fit all those topping on each slice? I must test this. I'm not going to spend $1612.71 on pizza testing, but I can try a single slice.

I place an order for one slice of everything pizza -- one slice with 29 toppings -- delivered.

About a minute after I submit the order, I receive a phone call from the restaurant's manager:

"It looks like you ordered a single slice with every topping we have on it. ... That is definitely not something we can do! ... After about 5 toppings, the pizza starts to fall apart. ... That is definitely not something we can do -- putting all the toppings on one slice."

But... But.... But, it said I can choose as many as I like.



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