Problem ID: 4150204347200537384
Entered by: Ben Simo

Higher price for returning customers

The family wants pizza. I visit Dominos.com.

I see an ad at the bottom of the web page for 2 medium pizzas for $5.99 each. I click the "Order this deal" button.

A dialog box appears, asking if I want to upgrade to large pizzas for $7.99 each. I click "Yes".

A web page loads asking me to identify my location.

I click the tiny "Log In" link at the top right to log into my account and use one of my saved delivery locations.

I enter my email address and password, and click the "Log In" button.  I am returned to the location entry page.

I select a location, and then select the "Build Your Own Pizza" feature. I build a pizza and add two of them to my order.

I check the price. I expected $7.99 times two to be much less than $28.58.

It appears that the process of logging into my account canceled out the special price I had selected. (I later tested this and confirmed that if I don't login, the special price is applied.) Had I not been paying attention, I may have ordered at a much higher price than expected.

So, to get the special price selected from the home page, a user who logs into an existing account must go back to the home page, or the "View All" option and re-select the special offer.

I re-select the special deal, and presto chango... the price drops in half - almost.

I thought that the option to login to an existing account with save preferences was supposed to make ordering easier.



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