Problem ID: 7749183520457237221
Entered by: Ben Simo

You tried to create a new account

Trying to order ink from the HP Home and Home Office Store to which the HP printer driver software on my computer took me, I get the following:

You tried to create a new account using an e-mail address that matches an existing account. To continue your checkout process, do not fill in the password fields.
I've never ordered anything from an HP online store. How can my e-mail address match an existing account? If I continue the checkout process without filling in the password fields, will this order be associated with some existing account without any credential verification? Or will it not be associated with any account? Will I be able to access this order if there is no account associated with it?

Some later experimentation revealed that this store accepted my HP Passport single-sign-on credentials that I've used for support with HP Mercury test tool products.  I never would have expected that account to be the same account I need to use to order ink cartridges for my home printer.



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