Problem ID: 8200528846355359394
Entered by: Ben Simo


aravindajith - Most ridiculous error of the decade! 

portfolia - @aravindajith That drives me absolutely crazy.
gosquared - Oh dear. This error makes me feel sick
krizsa - Wow..

I don't believe warning users that a site may not be compatible with their browser is ridiculous -- if it actually isn't compatible.  However, I don't think that's the case here.

I tried this site with IE7, Firefox 3.5, and Chrome.  I got no warning dialog with IE7. I got two of them with Firefox. And with Chrome, I got one warning dialog.

I then explored the site and found nothing that failed to work with Chrome or Firefox.

A quick look at the page source reveals checks for browser names of WebTV and Navigator that trigger error dialogs.  I thought that, perhaps, this check for WebTV and Navigator is code that's been on the site for a very long time. So I took a look at the WayBack Machine and discovered that the code was likely added around January 2007.  Perhaps a lot of people use WebTV in Aggieland.



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