Problem ID: 6512968875276173226
Entered by: Ben Simo

Reboot to Save

After making updates to a document in Microsoft Word 2007, I press the Save button.

Configuring? I told it to save.

Seven minutes later, the Microsoft Office setup tells me I need to reboot to complete setup.

What about the changes I wanted to save? Were they saved?  Saving should not require a reboot.

I click the No button. The Setup program starts up again.

Six minutes later, an error dialog appears.

Error 1719.  What does that mean?

Contact my support personnel?  That would be me.

I am not at all OK with having spent the last 13 minutes trying to save a document and getting nowhere -- but I click the OK button anyway.  (Where's the "I'm frustrated and just want to make this error go away" button?)

I now stare at my screen -- uncertain if my document has been saved.

I press the Save button again. The Setup program launches... :(



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