Problem ID: 3505445824327656442
Entered by: Ben Simo

The Healthcare.gov application that can't

I keep pressing Save & Continue, but nothing happens.

I take a look at my browser's console window, and see a whole bunch of errors -- one for each time I clicked the Save & Continue button.

No matter what I enter into the "First name" field, the browser reports "Cannot set property 'firstName' of null".

The application gets stuck in this same place each time I leave the site and login fresh. Oh, and it also requires I re-enter half the information it already has each time I restart.

This application now appears to be in a state that it cannot be completed. And since the system only allows one open application at a time, this kind of error likely encourages users to create a new Healthcare.gov account -- if they don't totally give up in frustration.

UPDATE 11/03: After a bit of debugging of the Javascript that is hitting the above error, I don't see how anyone with an application that contains more than one person can get past this step. The error is occurring in code that checks for a combination of a duplicate first name and birthdate (if you have twins with the same first name, you can't get them insured); however, this code is attempting to compare first names of family members that haven't yet been entered into the system. Javascript throws a type error when you try to get the lowercase text of a variable with a null value.



November 23, 2013 at 2:51 PM  
Comment ID: 9080789473484948979
Written by: Patrick Lafferty

would creating a new account and starting a new application really "overwrite" this corrupted application? I'm "suffering" the same issue.

November 23, 2013 at 6:27 PM  
Comment ID: 1434582295766151122
Written by: Ben Simo

Creating a new account won't overwrite a corrupted application. I might give you another chance and starting a new application. That said, I now have several of them started under several accounts that are all in some bad state that prevent me from getting insurance.

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