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Entered by: Ben Simo

Fan Search Blows

Sitting in the house on a hot June evening, I realize that our window fans aren't quite moving enough air through the house. So, I decide to check out some local retailers' web sites to see what fans they may have available.  From the home page of each site, I submit a search for "window fan". These are all retailers that have had window fans in their stores in the past.

The Home Depot site returns a handful of fans followed by some air conditioners.  Although I don't see quite what I'm seeking, these results seem relevant.

The Lowe's site returns one window fan followed by a bunch of doors -- doors with windows in them.  Not quite what I expected.  I expected Lowe's to have more than one window fan option.

The Target site shows me several window fans and some curtains.  While I didn't expect curtains to be the number two result, I do see a selection of fans.

The Walmart site results are just bizarre: one "window fan" for a tent, and dozens of sport team flags.

Is there a problem here? While I don't expect each retailer to sell the exact same models of window fans, I expected to see a bit more consistency and relevancy in the search results.

Now, who puts a fan in a tent?



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