Problem ID: 7312438796002087727
Entered by: Ben Simo

You can't use navigation on this site

I enter my correct user ID and password and then click the Log On button.  I get an error dialog.

What is invalid? Do I enter only one value or both the username and password?  That message number means nothing to me.  My valid credentials contain characters that are not alphanumeric.

I click OK and start to retype my user ID.

My user ID is unexpectedly masked.

After a few attempts, the same credentials that repeatedly failed to get me access to the system worked.  I viewed a couple pages and then clicked the back button.

I understand that some web applications don't support the use of browser back buttons, but is no browser navigation allowed?

Apparently my login issues must have been due to my attempting to use a browser to navigate into the application. ;)

If navigation via a browser doesn't work on the site, how is anyone to use it?  Telekinesis?



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