Problem ID: 2694447672622909085
Entered by: Ben Simo

Internet Connection Required

The first time, for each visit, I select to record an On Demand program on the DirecTV website, I am shown the following page telling me that an Internet connection is required.

It is true that a DVR must be connected to the Internet to record an On Demand movie. It may even be nice that DirecTV gives customers an option to order hardware that may help them make that connection happen. So what's the problem here?

To get to the point that the web page above is displayed, I had to select which DVR (even though I only have one) to which the instructions to record a movie should be sent. In order to get the DVR to show up in the list, I have to link the DVR to my website account. In order to do that, I had to connect my DVR to the Internet.

So unless the process is now different, or there are other options that the procedures I followed to be able to remotely program my DVR, any user that gets to this page already has their DVR connected to the Internet.



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