Problem ID: 7036879601597889799
Entered by: Ben Simo

Privacy Options

While viewing my account information on the DirecTV website, I notice a section just below my credit card information labeled Privacy Options. Not knowing what this is, I click the Update link next to the privacy header. The dialog above is displayed.

It shows the Anonymous option applies to my account. I don't remember authorizing anyone to collect information about TV viewing habits. Perhaps it was buried in one of the long legal contract or terms documents I signed or electronically accepted when I signed up for service.

Then, as I get to the part explaining that data are used to provide a "more personalized browsing experience", I'm not sure if these options apply to my use of the DirecTV web site or my using their DVR to watch TV. Are they asking to track my web browsing or what I watch on TV, or maybe even every button press on the DVR remote?

In my opinion, asking users to opt in or out of being monitored without explaining the context of that monitoring is wrong.

Regardless of what they are tracking, I choose to Opt-Out.



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