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Entered by: Ben Simo

No one will notice if we add $10 to the bill. Will they?

Pizza Hut is advertising a $10 deal for "any pizza, any size, any crust". Wanting to see what is available for $10, I go to the Pizza Hut web site.  I login, select a delivery address, and am presented with a prompt asking if I want the $10 special.

First, I notice that "stuffed crust" may not be part of "any crust".  That doesn't match my understanding of any.

I select Yes, and then add a pizza to my order. After adding a pizza, I am asked if I want to add an unspecified optional "next item" to my order.

Am I being asked to opt-in to something before being told what it is?  Or is it asking if I want another $10 pizza?  I already told it I wanted $10 pizzas, so why would it prompt me again?

I select yes and add a second pizza to the order.

After adding the second pizza, I get another prompt asking me if I want to add another optional "next item".  I answer No to what I now assume is asking if I want a third $10 pizza.

The first pizza then disappears from my order.  So I add another pizza to replace the one that disappeared.

I now have a total of two pizzas in my order.  At $10 each, that should add up to $20.

That's not what I expected. Either my first pizza turned invisible or I'm being charged an extra $10.

So I add one more pizza to the order and my total becomes $40. I think that maybe this screen isn't showing my first pizza but it is still in the order. 

I go to the checkout to see what the system shows for my order in the checkout system..

Three pizzas at $10 each are totaled up to $40 plus a delivery charge and tax.

The order is still $10 too high or missing a pizza.

Oh, there is the 4th invisible pizza. At the bottom, displayed differently than the others, with no option to change the quantity.

Not willing to spend money finding out what happens if I proceed with my order, I leave the Pizza Hut site and place an online order with Domino's Pizza.

Isn't technology supposed to make this easier?


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January 8, 2010 at 9:23 PM  
Comment ID: 5832024925416245087
Written by: Ben Simo

After playing (exploratory learning) with the Pizza Hut site, it appears that the first item added with a coupon disappears from the order information shown while creating an order. This first item is then displayed last on the checkout page, and in a somewhat different format than the rest of the items. This isn't very intuitive. The disappearing item is likely to lead people to adding it back to their order. And then if they notice it back in checkout, they will waste time removing it again.

Ordering pizza should not be frustrating. :)

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