Problem ID: 4265546165042316998
Entered by: Ben Simo


@LAKing: This form just keeps getting better. This is a form error page.

Do not enter a country when selecting a state for place of birth? I can't see the part of the form asking for place of birth, but if the instructions are as complex as what I see for entering a name, I'm surprised there aren't more errors being reported.

If you have no first name or middle name, select No First Name (NFN) or No Middle Name (NMN), as appropriate. If you only have initials in your name, enter the initial(s) (without the period) and select Initial Only (IO). If you are a "Jr.," "Sr.," "II," etc., enter this under Suffix.

How many new acronyms can users be introduced to in order to fill out a form?  What if your middle name is a digit? What if you have more than three names? If they're going to spell out specific instructions with acronyms, they might as well deal with all the possibilities. Right? ;)

This has to be a government form made more confusing by a government software system.



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