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Entered by: Ben Simo

Bit.ly to FeedBurner

I had been using Bit.ly, a URL-shortening service,  to shorten links to this blog tweeted on Twitter. It worked fine for me and I assumed it was working for others until Amit Kulkarni (@mumbaitesting) contacted me (@QualityFrog):

"IsThereAProblemHere? Pop-under menus?: Not only does this newspaper web site page have no real content, but the me... http://bit.ly/4oowSH" - @QualityFrog

 "@QualityFrog If I try to access the tiny URL in your tweets, the 1st time I get Feedburner Err and 2nd time it works. hapnd 2nd time." - @mumbaitesting

"@mumbaitesting Interesting. The bit.ly URLs in tweets via TwitterFeed when scheduled blog posts get published? Or some other URL?" - @QualityFrog

“@QualityFrog This might help you:” - @mumbaitesting

"@mumbaitesting Interesting. Does it happen the 1st time you click each of those bit.ly links? Feedburner should redirect to the blog." - @QualityFrog

"@QualityFrog Thats what the pattern I've observed until now...waiting for another such URL from you, to confirm." - @mumbaitesting

Sure enough, Amit encountered the same problem with later Bit.ly URLs.  So I changed to another URL-shortening service.  I haven't yet confirmed that the problem is the combination is Bit.ly and Feedburner.

However, I do see reports by others encountering the same problem with Bit.ly links to FeedBurner.  Here's one example:
"#iPhone iTablet Rumor Updates — Hardened 10″ Panels, and iSlate Nostalgia for MessageSlate: So... http://bit.ly/7DVYDW @theiphoneblog" - @AllThingsiPhone

“@AllThingsiPhone feedburner error on last tweet..” - @tebailey



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