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Entered by: Ben Simo

Blocked Title

I'm flipping channels and get a warning that a program exceeds the DVR's parental control rating limit.

What is 'this program' that exceeds the rating limits? It doesn't tell me what I'm being asked to unlock. I check the 'More Info' option and it only tells me that someone has set a rating limit and I must enter the password to remove the limit.

It appears that there is no way to view the title without unlocking the program. So, I enter my parental control password to see the unknown program with a blocked title. (If my children were in the room with me, how would I know if it was okay to unlock the box?)

After entering my password, I can view the program but the DVR still shows 'Blocked Title' as the name of the program. I still don't know what I am watching. Why can I see the program but not the title?

I try alternate ways of viewing the title and details about the program. Everything says the program is called 'Blocked Title'.

After watching for a little while, I realize the program is the movie Alien. Why is the title still blocked after the parental controls are unlocked and I'm watching the program?


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