Problem ID: 12670286165282783
Entered by: Ben Simo
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Healthcare.gov still says "Please wait"

I tried to resume a Healthcare.gov application I abandoned a couple months ago. After answering a few questions, I clicked the next SAVE & CONTINUE button and got the following:

The Please wait message remained for about 10 minutes before I gave up waiting. I then exited and restarted the application process.  I again got the seemingly infinite Please wait message at the same step in the application. Each time I resume this application, I get an infinite Please wait message.

Under the hood, my web browser's console indicates that the client-side JavaScript threw an exception and stopped executing because data provided by Healthcare.gov wasn't formatted as expected by the Healthcare.gov software.

I still cannot complete this application. It seems I just need to continue to "Please wait" for CMS and QSSI to figure out how to create an online application that works.



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