Problem ID: 7129783774606497472
Entered by: Ben Simo

No data available in table: Healthcare.gov

After many frustrating hours, I finally got a Healthcare.gov insurance application to the final steps.

I get to the application review step. Where it should show me a list of the people I want to insure, it says "No data available in table." What happened to all that data I entered, and reentered, and then reentered again?

It shows me a list of household members and their Social Security Numbers, but shows no indication of which people I told it I want to insure. I can find no option to go back and select the people I want to insure.

So, if I submit this, am I submitting a request to insure no one?

Also, none of the "Name on SSN Card" data matches the full names I explicitly told the system are the names of household members' Social Security cards. The address information and many other items I provided (sometimes repeatedly) in the application process also show up blank in the review stage.

Is there a problem here?



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