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Healthcare.gov clones children

Gary reports:

My problem with the Healthcare.gov site is somewhat complex and not something I have heard of in the many reports of failures:

I have successfully completed registration and all of the steps up through to reaching the "to-do list".  

Problems I've encountered (I will try to keep them in order as I proceed through the process):

Here is where "viewing my application" lands me:

The first sign of trouble is that under "app details" in the right column, I get no response when clicking "view eligibility results".  

On the same page, I have "discrepancies" and have successfully submitted the documents they request though I have not received any confirmation that the inconsistencies have been resolved:

Going back to "resume enrollment" and clicking on that I am taken to my "to do list:

This page is where the real trouble is.  Everything is fine down through "select insurance 1".  I have successfully chosen my desired plan.

Here's where the bizarre begins:

Note that I have 3 subsequent tasks, all requesting I set insurance for the same child, Kevin, who IS included in the plan I chose in "plan 1".

Under "plan 2" I have gone to the page to pick insurance and NOT made a choice.  That has cleared the task.

Under plans 3 and 4, however, clicking on "set" takes me to a page that is blank.  It does not show any plans from which I can choose.  And on returning to the to do list the tasks will not clear:


I am presuming the dental plan and review/confirm tasks will remain locked until I clear plans 3 and 4.  

I had hit an identical roadblock prior to one of the maintenance outages except it happened at the "dental" step.  At the time I did NOT have the redundant insurance steps 2,3,4.  I was able to choose my family health plan and proceeded to the next step which was, as expected, "dental".  However when I clicked on dental I got the same empty page as I am getting now for insurance 2,3.  

I doubt you can help me, but hope my experience helps you as you continue working to improve the site functionality.

Gary has reached a point in the application process that I (Ben Simo) have not been able to reach. However, I suspect that the cause of his problems is similar to that of some applications I have in a stuck state from which I cannot continue.

The system appears to send the entire application data set back and forth between the applicant's web browser and the Healthcare.gov servers throughout the application process. Most of the processing (except for the retrieval of data from back-end systems) appears to occur in the web browser rather than on the server. I have seen data get into a state that the client-side Javascript code cannot execute. In the cases I've encountered, the browser encounters errors but fails to display this to the user. The most common error I've seen is the Javascript attempting to apply string methods to null values. (And, I have observed empty strings get transformed into null values as I progress through an application.)  For the non-technical: a null value is a value that doesn't exist; one that the Javascript software running in each user's web browser treats differently than an empty or blank value.

When an application gets into this kind of state, chances are that the applicant will need to start over -- or wait for the Healthcare.gov developers to not only fix the issues putting applications into bad states; but also fix handling of applications that are already in a bad state.

Do you have an application in a bad state? Please share it with us.



November 13, 2013 at 3:21 PM  
Comment ID: 2047869958592740225
Written by: MsP68

I'm not sure if this is "in a bad state" but my application has been stuck in the Identity Verification Pending status for about 5 weeks now. I managed to get all the way through the application but somehow answered the identity verification questions incorrectly and had to send in a pdf of my driver's license. I got confirmation it was received and now...nothing. So far, haven't had any success with the help line or the chat people either.

November 25, 2013 at 6:24 PM  
Comment ID: 6635885994148591043
Written by: Anonymous

I have been stuck at the "review and confirm" step. It has been locked for 3 weeks. I can get no help from the call center which verifies that I have selected a plan but they also can't get any farther because when they try to enroll me it kicks them out. I am also not able to get to a step to select a plan for my husband. We are just stuck at me.

December 17, 2013 at 1:35 PM  
Comment ID: 5487711213783820039
Written by: Unknown

I got to the enrollment period and it was my daughter and myself on my application. I enrolled us, and got a letter from the healthcare provider saying it was only me and not my child on the policy. I have spent more then 24 hours on the phone and completed 6 applications w/healthcare.gov (all of which had the same error!) to try and get this issue taken care of. I got my eligibility notice late October and then I waited for close to 4 weeks for the system to allow me to enroll and then this happened. I have now been waiting since Nov. 25th with soo so many follow up calls to get this taken care of. No one can help me, no one can even delete my application to actually start over from my first application. My healthcare provider can't add my daughter bc they don't know the rate we qualify for and healthcare.gov can't tell them. It's a complete.....MESS!

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