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How much do I owe?

I check the balance on my electric bill online to see if a recent payment has been applied. The mobile version of the web site shows me a value that is less than I expected -- whether or not the payment had been applied.  I then check the full web site and it shows me a higher than expected amount.

In order to verify whether the two versions of the web site have the most current data, I go to a payment kiosk and make a small $10 payment, and then recheck the mobile and full web sites.  They still show different amounts and the payment I made at the kiosk today.

Mobile web site:

Full web site:

Displaying different account balances based on the browser type seems ... well... wrong. If I only use the mobile browser, can I pay less for electricity? ;)

 (I recently switched from a bill-after-use to a pre-pay rate plan, so there's about two months worth of usage due during the transition.).



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