Problem ID: 6101986659141457453
Entered by: Ben Simo

Not Offline; Broken

I click a Google search result link to the National Conference of State Legislatures site and get a page stating "We are very sorry, but the page that you are looking for could not be found."

I'm not surprised. Sometimes web sites change. Sometimes pages go away or URLs change.

As directed by the error message, I try the search function at the top right of the web page.

I get another error. They system is not just failing to find the data I'm requesting; it appears to report that it cannot find a field in a database.

This site later appears again in search engine results. I encounter additional errors. (Not pictured.) I then try the home page for the site to see if that works. It loads. Some text marquee-scrolls across the top, disappearing within a couple seconds of loading the page. The text doesn't scroll by again. I browse and no other page has the text. I then return to the home page and get a glimpse of scrolling text again. I refresh several times before I am quick enough to grab the screen snapshot below.

The disappearing marquee says the site is "offline for maintenance".

The site is not offline. It is online but appears to be malfunctioning. The only notice to users appears to be on the home page and is only visible within the first second that the page is displayed.



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