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Saints and Sinners: Bing!

Checking to see if Bing has yet crawled and indexed anything on my new quotes website, ribbit.cc, I perform a search for "site:ribbit.cc". It appears to show only one link to a specific quote (not the home page), but also shows "POPULAR LINKS" for the site.

Thinking that the popular links might be a clue that Bing knows of more than the one page, I add the name "James" to my query.

And what do I get?

I get a porn star.

As there is nothing pornographic on ribbit.cc, I am shocked.

So, I then try other names that are on my site. I try searching for "Peter", and get Saint Peter.

I don't think I yet have any quotes from Saint Peter on my quotes website.

However, if one must display info on the most famous Peters, Saint Peter likely belongs at the top of the list.

After some additional searching of many websites, it appears that a search for a name on a website that has no content for that name will display a person 'card' for someone with that name.  Searches for "James" on many websites, including sites targeted at children, resulted in Jessica Jaymes appearing in the search results.

Of all the people in all of history named, James, why does Bing default to a "pornographic actor" and "nude glamour model" whose name spelling isn't even "James"?

I thinks there be a problem here.


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March 28, 2011 at 10:01 PM  
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She's on kids.discovery.com too!


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