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Toyota Accelerates

"'I’m afraid of killing somebody – or myself' — Hull senior fears car’s sudden acceleration;
Toyota of Braintree says downloading new software part of recall process.
'I have instructed my children that if I get killed driving this car, that they can sue Toyota,' Anna Brackett said while sitting on the sofa in her Hull home Friday afternoon.
- Cathleen Jeffrey, The Hull Sun

"Indeed there are two issues that lead to the same complaint. ... There is no electronic malfunction whatever. These are both mechanical issues. ... Toyota is also making a change in the software programming that leads to a brake override."
- Mike Jackson, Autonation CEO on CNBC
(Starting at ~5:56 in video below.)


Sudden Acceleration: Automakers' "Fail-Safe" Systems Guard Against Electronic Interference
Jim Motavalli, BNET
The key points here are that the driver’s foot was nowhere near the accelerator pedal, and the floormats were not at issue. So what’s going on here?

Car electronics are great, but they have their risks
News & Observer
Dennis Virag, president of the Automotive Consulting Group, said Toyota has erred in not adopting a brake override system for all its cars that shuts off fuel if the brakes are engaged with the accelerator down. Most other manufacturers have such systems.

Toyota did not install brake override systems despite complaints
Washington Post
Toyota Motor began facing complaints of runaway cars years ago, but the company did not install "brake override" systems in those vehicles, even as several other automakers deployed the technology to address such malfunctions.



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