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Stop & Go

"The computer can fail, send an inappropriate signal and boom, you go...
And if the computer sends an inappropriate signal and the throttle opens and the car runs away, that's a software glitch."

"So now, after decades invested in metrics-driven verification, formal verification, and methodology management, we find that our chips don't work as expected because the software is still being 'verified' by feeding it test cases  until the schedule expires.  And we find that our cars run into things for the same reason,  and the press of course will blame the problem on 'electronics.'"


Is Toyota's Accelerator Problem Caused by Embedded Software Bugs?
Barr Code
So what's the story? Are embedded software bugs to blame for this massive recall?

Toyota Acknowledges Software Problem with 2010 Prius Brakes
Car and Driver
The software problem reportedly manifests itself as a feeling of slipping during the switch and is being noticed more now that drivers are using ABS as a result of winter road conditions.

Ford to Upgrade Brake Software On 18,000 Hybrids
Wall Street Journal
While the vehicles maintain full braking capability, customers may initially perceive the condition as loss of brakes.

US to Investigate Prius Brakes
Wall Street Journal
Ford Says Its Hybid Cars Also Have Problem

Toyota Recall – Is it the Computer, not the Gas Pedal?
Dvorak Uncensored
As someone who has been in software for over 30 years, I have to ask Toyota this question, “Have you ruled out the computer?”

Ford offers fix for Fusion hybrid brake glitch
17,600 Fusion, Milan hybrids may have software glitch

Toyota Admits Software Problem With 2010 Hybrid Prius
ABC News
Toyota Admits Software Problem With Braking System, Deny Withholding Information From the Public


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February 5, 2010 at 9:50 AM  
Comment ID: 1373662299592804070
Written by: Ben Simo

Today I read that Steve Wozniak is convinced a software bug made his Prius uncontrollably speed up to 97 MPH.

The Perfect Storm May Rain 1's and 0's
Brian Cooley, CBS News
Now an already scary story has a spooky, virusy, cyber-something flavor added to it. Umm, did we forget to tell car buyers that they don't really control their cars any more – computers do?

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