Problem ID: 6810571984729612673
Entered by: Ben Simo

Tiny Crackle Movies

We watch videos, TV shows, and movies online on our living room television.  Often the television is configured as an extension to the computer's desktop, allowing the laptop's screen to be used for other things while a movie is shown on the much larger television.  This usually works fine with YouTube and Hulu as they have an option to view a video in its own window that takes up most of the screen.

However, I don't see such an option with Crackle.  Crackle videos are shown in a very small portion of the browser window -- with large menus and advertisements at the top and bottom.

Crackle has an option to view videos in full-screen mode.  This fills the television with the video being watched. 

The full screen mode works fine for watching movies when the computer is not being used for anything else on the other screen.  However, as soon as anyone clicks on anything on the laptop screen, the video on the television returns to the tiny version.

So, it seems we can either watch full screen and don't multitask, or watch tiny video and multitask.



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