Problem ID: 4145295478358979680
Entered by: Ben Simo

Search the Sky

Submitted by Jessica Simo.

Google Earth suggests entering a street, city, state, and ZIP code when searching the Sky?

I thought ZIP codes were only in the United States. I wasn't aware the US Postal Service was already creating ZIP codes beyond planet Earth.

BTW: SNR (Supernova Remnant) 1572, also known as Tycho's SNR, is 7.5 thousand light years from planet Earth.  So, no surprise to me that it isn't in the Google Sky Database. ... except that Jessica says she has found items in Google Earth's Sky Database that are over 20 million light years away; and the search instructions give NGC 3628, a galaxy that is 35 million light years away, as a search input example. :)



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