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Entered by: Zachary Fisher

10 PRINT "Is There A Problem Here?" : GOTO 10

If being an American has taught me anything, it is that voting counts.
If being an American has taught me anything else, it is that anything worth doing is worth over-doing.
Case in point, voting our opinions on this site. Could I simply choose EVERY option and save my votes?

If you said yes, send me your address and I'll send you a Lee Greenwood CD***.

Mention in Passing:
It was not obvious how to commit my vote. My American know-how turns to mush in the absence of a submit button.
Also, pretend you are visually impaired and require the text size to be quite large. As you increase the size of text, you will notice that the iframe containing the voting options will begin to clip, disallowing certain options from being seen.

***No. I Won't.



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